Defining The Moment

Understanding Brain Death in Halakhah

Does Judaism allow donating life-saving vital organs? Almost certainly, so long as the potential donor is dead. And this is where the story begins. Medical ethicists and leading rabbis have struggled for decades to determine the precise moment of death. Does death occur at the irreversible cessation of respiration, when the brain is completely gone, or when the heart stops beating? The practical consequences are enormous and they determine when vital organs may or may not be donated. Read More....
















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Rabbi David Shabtai, MD is a fellow of the Wexner Kollel Elyon of RIETS (Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary) in New York.
He currently teaches Jewish Medical Ethics at Yeshiva University (Modern Jewish Problems: Halakhic Challenges in Medicine) and RIETS (Medical Halakhah Habburah) and lectures on various topics in Jewish law. He is particularly interested in the interface between science, medicine, and Jewish law. Read More....
Defining the Moment: Understanding Brain Death in Halakhah presents the halakhic approaches to understanding brain death. Modern halakhists are indeed split on whether brain death qualifies as death, with many rejecting the notion and others embracing it as meaningful. Answering this question is of life and death importance, since organs can only be transplanted from dead donors. Read More....

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